Aqualitas Inc. of Liverpool is a licensed producer of certified organically grown cannabis.

In the fall of 2014, we gathered a group together to talk about the challenges many people faced when trying to access the medicine they needed. At that time, a variety of limitations —regulations, product availability and quality, and a general lack of information created a gap for many people who were suffering. We knew we could do something about this and applied to Health Canada for a licence to be a producer of medical cannabis. Our founding team members had personal interests in Aqualitas’ potential:  a loved one with cancer, MS, Crohn’s disease or chronic pain who had benefited from cannabis; a background in helping and advocating for vulnerable people; a desire to create a ‘green’ company committed to environmental sustainability; a passion for research and development that could expand the product’s uses from a chemistry, biology and food science basis; a wish to participate in a start-up that would create jobs in Nova Scotia.

Our name is a nod to water and quality – two of the most important aspects of our processes, our products and our commitment to our clients.

People involved in the start-up generously provided their expertise to Aqualitas—medical, scientific, pharmaceutical, financial, legal, marketing, security, project-management—because they believed in the company, each other and our desire to make things better for our clients.

We come to Aqualitas with varied backgrounds but with these shared values:

  • Wellness and a good quality of life for clients and employees

  • Affordable access to medical cannabis

  • The dignity of persons with disabilities or people in palliative care who require medical cannabis

  • The growth of a safe, consistent and quality product

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Community participation and support

  • Innovation through research and development

From our home along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Southwest Nova Scotia, Aqualitas produces cannabis using organic methods that have received Canada’s first Clean Green Certification. This certification recognizes our commitment to organic and sustainable growing practices. While our commercial-scale, proprietary aquaponics system matures we are also using soil-based growing methods. Both our soil-based and aquaponics cultivation platforms have been certified organic.

Aqualitas is a licensed producer of certified organically grown cannabis.

What Makes Us Different

We are the first Canadian cannabis company to receive ‘Clean Green Certification’,  recognition of our commitment to organic growing methods, regulatory compliance, quality and environmental stewardship. Founded in the US, Clean Green Certified is the largest cannabis certification program and provides greater assurance of quality of cannabis products for the consumer. The methods used to create certified products are based on U.S. and international organic and sustainable farming and food handling standards.

Green. Blue. Renew.

Our synthetic pesticide-free aquaponic growing platform results in a smaller carbon footprint than those of traditional soil-based or hydroponic methods. We’re engaged in ongoing research and development to further reduce our energy use. In addition to environmental benefits, these methods will result in a purer, safer product for our clients.

Aqualitas is a unique company and through our leadership, production methods, quality products, and customer service, we’re passionately committed to ensuring that what makes us unique is what will benefit you, our clients. In addition to bringing safe, consistent cannabis to market, we’ll continue to engage in research and development, explore advocacy issues, inquire about expanded medical uses, employ compassionate pricing, and provide vital support and education for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Aqualitas is one of a very few licensed producers to have been founded by, and led by a woman. Our co-founder and CEO, Myrna Gillis, has been an advocate for persons with disabilities and a leader in the legal profession for more than 25 years. Aqualitas is a Cornerstone Business Ally Member of Women Grow, an organization that supports female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. In her work providing leadership and advocacy in the Canadian cannabis industry, Myrna also pays tribute to all those people who have promoted access to medical cannabis in Canada, including many compassionate female pioneers who have taken the lead in cultivation, production, distribution and frontline care.

Aqualitas recognizes that women are disproportionately more likely to be diagnosed with chronic illnesses, to try alternative health therapies, and to be primary caregivers. We’re committed to researching ways that cannabis can be used to promote women’s health.

A Global Industry with a Maritime Home

Aqualitas is working to bring a new industry to rural Nova Scotia. While our products will be available to any authorized client anywhere in Canada, we’re excited about being one of a small number of producers in Atlantic Canada, offering Atlantic Canadians same-day access to a regionally grown, pesticide-free, all-natural cannabis product. Our management and scientific teams and our medical and patient advisory board are made up of people with strong connections to Nova Scotia and the Atlantic provinces, with a commitment to the success of business in our backyard. We’re investing in our community and are supporting the local economy, hiring local full- and part-time employees and contractors.

Support for our Veterans

We are pleased to support programs that advocate for veterans. Recognizing that relief from injuries sustained while serving our country is often not achieved with conventional pharmaceuticals, we will help veterans access cannabis for medical purposes and navigate the changing Veterans Affairs Canada reimbursement program. A Canadian Armed Forces veteran is a member of our medical and patient advisory board and will continue to assist our teams to better understand and support the needs of veterans.

Medical & Patient Advisory Board

Aqualitas’ Medical & Patient Advisory Board serves as a forum for dialogue amongst health professionals, patients and others to advise the company in reaching its goals and objectives around the development of responsible and safe practices regarding the cultivation, sale, prescription and consumption of medical cannabis. Members include healthcare providers (physician and nurse practitioner), a pharmacist, medical researchers, a dietitian,  patients benefiting from medical cannabis, a veteran and  patient advocates.

Executive Team

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