NSCAD University Student Film

Hi there,

My name is Adam Nearing, I'm a 4th year NSCAD University film student. In February, I'll be directing a film as apart of my final year at the school. Below is a brief description of the film.


Sunday is the story about when my brother came out to me while still living in a small town in Cape Breton. It’s told through the memories we had while growing up, resulting in although we were drifting apart, we still supported each other. Sunday questions the homophobic environments that have been created in these small towns and rural areas within our province. I would like to note that these roles and this film are not in any way to stereotype or generalize anyone or anything. This is simply mine and my brothers’ experiences and the atmosphere we were raised in.  


Noahs older brother is home for the holidays, and before he goes back to University in the city tomorrow, they decide to go for a leisurely drive. While practicing for his road test, Noah is told of his brothers’ sexuality and he doesn’t know how to react to it. The area they grew up in looked down on homosexuality due to its small community, as well as through peers and sports. This car ride then turns into an analysis of their lives growing up, and the homophobic environment that has shaped Noahs view on the situation.

When this film got chosen to be made, I was given a scholarship to use for the production. However, that money is not allowed to cover the cost of food on set due to the schools restrictions. As you can imagine, a 5 - 7 day production that has to spend $75 - $100+ on food each day (depending on the size of the cast and crew) will add up very quickly. A full crew is a happy crew! Anything helps, and by helping with the cost of food, that means I will have room to invest more of my own money into the actual production of the film. Both debit and credit cards are acceptable.

The images in this post are of half of our crew working on a previous film, they are shot by Graham Ross.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration for investing in this film!

-Adam Nearing