Emergency vet bills for Draco

My cat Draco is a well-known kitty in our neighbourhood, always adventuring and saying hello to strangers. This past week, he disappeared for 5 days. Every cat owner knows the feeling of expecting the worst, but in the end it always works out right?

This morning Draco came home lethargic, dehydrated, and with a very strange wound. I immediately took him to the vet, and then later to the emergency clinic where he is going to stay for the next 24 hours while doctors run tests and try to figure out how best to help him.

Not only has this been extremely emotionally draining, but boy has it ever been expensive. While the goal I’ve posted is high (my total for the vet bills), I don’t expect to get it all covered through this funding. Any support you can send is a big help on my head, and heart. If you’ve known Draco and want to help out in any way, please donate! Anything and everything helps. Please share and send messages! I’ll post updates when I can.
— Danielle McCreadie