The Impact Assessment Act in the Senate
7 min read 

Curious about Bill C-69 and how it might affect you?

Bill C-69

Meet Canada’s newest senators 2019
3 min read 

A psychiatrist, a professor of pediatrics, a devoted public servant and mental health advocate are the newest members to join the Senate.

Newest senators

‘An Ocean of Misery’: The Rohingya refugee crisis6 min read 

The federal government should urge the international community to hold accountable those responsible for crimes recognized under international law, said the Senate Committee on Human Rights in its report, following a series of hearings on the ongoing crisis.


Canada’s correctional system: An inside look
5 min read  

The people serving sentences in Canada’s federal correctional system for indictable offences are human beings whose human rights must be respected, the Senate Committee on Human Rights said in an interim report released Wednesday.

An inside look

Moving pieces: Senate art collection leaves Centre Block6 min read 

The biggest move in Parliament’s history is taking place as more than 200 of the Senate’s more than 6,000 works of art – ranging from heritage furniture to fine china to oil paintings – move out of Centre Block.

Art on the move

‘We’ve got to keep fighting’: Senator Bernard celebrates African Heritage Month15 min read 

Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard and Senate page O’Neal Ishimwe discuss how their identities as African-Canadians shape their daily lives.

Celebrating African Heritage Month

“It’s our history”: Senator Marie-Françoise Mégie celebrates Black History Month13 min read 

Senator Marie-Françoise Mégie and Senate page Priscilia Odia Kabengele discuss how their identities as black Canadians shape their daily lives.

Celebrating Black History Month

‘I’m going to miss this Chamber’: Senators share fond memories of Centre Block6 min read 

As senators prepare for the inaugural session in the new Senate of Canada Building, they are reminiscing about their favourite memories inside the permanent Senate Chamber in Centre Block.

Senators bidding farewell

In their own words  

Read senators’ thoughts on:

Senators’ thoughts

At a glance: February 15, 2019
3 min read While senators’ duties are mainly as legislators within Parliament, their work also takes them far beyond. Learn more about some of their activities.  
More than legislators


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