Nova Scotia Gaels Jam 2019

Ciamar a tha sibh, a chàirdean? | Hello friends!

The Nova Scotia Gaels Jam will connect 30 inter-generational Gaels for a week of deep listening, sharing, self-discovery, systemic inquiry and community building in February of 2019! There have been three other week-long Jams and three weekend Jams since 2013. Those who have attended the Jams have praised them highly and name their contribution in building a cohesive, connected, compassionate community. We're excited to share a short, new video that offers a taste of a Jam!

We want everyone who wants to be able to come the Jam, to come. You can help us make that possible by contributing to our bursary fund. We gratefully welcome any amount.  

The Gaelic community of Nova Scotia is special and unique to the world. We have a number of Gaelic learners, activists and leaders in our province-wide community who are doing amazing work. We are a proud community who hold our language, culture traditions, and people close to our hearts. We honour the elders and native speakers who are still among  us in various ways, such as those who serve as mentors in the Bun is Bàrr mentorship program. A growing number of Gaels are reclaiming their ancestral language and are working hard to make sure Gaelic has a place in the modern world. And you don't need ancestral links to Gaelic to be welcomed into the community!

The Jam is open to anyone who loves  Gaelic -- whether you are a fluent speaker or just starting to learn about Gaelic culture. Jam alumni include teachers, farmers, entrepreneurs, organizers, activists, film makers, artists, musicians, Gaelic singers, story-tellers, dancers, parents, weavers, and spinners, as well as people still figuring out what and who they are.

We, the Jam organizers, have been very busy raising funds anywhere we can, and we are so pleased to have received funding from Nova Scotia Gaelic Affairs. We promise that every dollar raised here will be used to support those wanting to come to the Jam but who need a little financial boost. 

For more information about the Jam -- including testimonials -- please visit our website or our Facebook page. If you yourself would be interested in attending the Jam, we would welcome your application!

Tapadh leibh gu mór!  Thank you so much!