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Claire Fraser is an enthusiastic artist and entrepreneur.   
She graduated with honours from the Screen Arts Program at the Nova Scotia Community College in 2015.


Un-Pretty - Short Film hits 9 MILLION views!!!

One of Claire Fraser's first personal projects she created back in 2014 with life time friend and filmmaker Devon Pennick-Reilly hits 9 Million views on Youtube in 2018!  

Asher - An Unregistered Family Trained Therapy Dog

Asher, a seven year old border collie lives with Harriet's parents, Sandra Haycock and Angus Johnston. Sandra has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for almost thirty years and Angus deals with arthritis and has trouble with his mobility. With the help of Harriet, the family has trained Asher through shaping basic tricks into becoming a therapeutic working dog. He is able to pick things up, take off socks and trousers and alert for help when a family members falls down. He is not a registered therapy dog, however he has clearly become an incredibly valuable member of the family.

Carrie's Tiny House

Claire Fraser - Photography & Videography has being working alongside Carrie Thornhill as she builds her very own Tiny House in Caledonia, a twenty minute drive from Bridgwater, Nova Scotia.   

The Build is an ongoing process and, therefore, so is the filming. Carrie and Claire Fraser - Photography & Videography are working towards creating a "How to Build a Tiny House" web series, or as Carrie likes to put it, "How I", as this is her first build and she wants to share her success and challenges with all those Tiny House enthusiasts out there.

To find out more about Carrie's Tiny House, check it out on Facebook by clicking the icon below, Carrie will also be posting updates on the filming process and videos to come.

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Phone: 902-401-5051

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Studied Screen Arts at NSCC Ivany Campus

Went to J. L. Ilsley High School

Lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia