About Ki Media

Ki Media is a community media monitoring resource and social impact storytelling project.

Curated content appearing on Ki Media is human gathered from online and offline media platforms—including news and social media—through a localized discovery process that is governed by themes of solutions journalism, social impact, social innovation and social change. Ki Media accepts submissions related to community media and social impact storytelling.

Project Goals

  • To increase access to local knowledge and development opportunity for groups often marginalised, misrepresented, or missing from mainstream media.

  • To apply deep listening skills to capture the full range of community voices in developing long-form pieces that fit within a solutions journalism framework.

  • To improve local media literacy and foster cultural awareness through an integrated media communications and immersive approach.

  • To highlight the work of local creatives and storytellers who are paving the way for social change through the curation of localized media and creative arts content.


The name Ki Media is a bit of a play on words because Ki (pronounced key) is my nickname, but also represents a focus on the key actors impacting the community through the media.

Ki Media is intended to be a unique content resource, a platform for community media and creative projects to be linked and shared.

I strive to include and amplify marginalized voices through showcasing media projects that inform & impact community building initiatives.

- Kilah "Ki” Rolle, a freelance writer and content specialist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.